Who am I ?

You can find more information about my career and education on my LinkedIn profile.

So, what about me ?

I am the founder and CEO of SIT GmbH in Germany and Harbour Light Software Development Ltd. in Nova Scotia, Canada. We started in 1996 resp. 2011.

  • Meanwhile, I am a proud father of two lovely twin girls
  • Besides SIT, I turned my self into a passionate home brewer - currently brewing with a Braumeister 20.
  • Canada became my love, especially Nova Scotia.
  • I enjoy playing Tennis and Badminton and to go sailing - I'm a proud Kiel'er (my boat is a Kielzugvogel named "Schneewittchen").
  • I love good food, wine, reading a good book, hiking, walking a beach, enjoying a beautiful sunset.

What am I doing today ?

I am working on products from various software vendors in the collaborative space within my own companies SIT GmbH and Harbour Light Software Development Ltd.. Most of my daily work is in the role of a project manager and/or full-stack web developer using JavaScript, Java and C#/.NET.
I enjoy working for my customers on various projects using the latest in web technology, mobile devices and business process optimizations - if I have some spare time, I am working as a core member at the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group, where we offer educational video content around general web development topics.


HCL Ambassador Badge 2022