What a great start into the easter time with high hopes that HCL has some easter presents for us - I'm looking forward to the C3UG AppDevPack Roundtable next week. It is all about Customers and Partners getting vocal about the state and the future of this great addition to the HCL Domino Development Tool arsenal. The C3UG Team will be joined by 35+ Customers from around the world and the HCL Team responsible - Thomas Hampel, Dan Dumont and Barry Rosen. And there will be some community announcements as well, so stay tuned ! In case you would like to participate - here's the link for the Roundtable registration page.

HCL Domino AppDevPack Roundtable - share your experience !
The Canadian Collaboration and Cloud User Group (C3UG) and HCL want your feedback on the HCL Domino AppDevPack !

See you on monday !