Once again, HCL delivers on its quarterly cadence with the HCL Domino AppDevPack. This release brings an overhaul of the OAUTH2 server (IAM) and new features regarding Domino and OAUTH Authentication! We will take a look at the new features on our video series by C3UG shortly. Meanwhile, here's the list of new features and updates:

What's New in Release 1.0.8

Release 1.0.8 includes the following changes:

  • Node.js version 14 is required.

A major version update (2.0.0) to the domino-iam-service and domino-iam-client packages.

  • Implicit flows are deprecated
  • Single Page Applications are no longer supported as an Application type in IAM Server (see deprectation above). SPAs were primarily for using implicit flows.
  • Any existing SPAs should be migrated to a new Application configuration in the IAM Admin site.
  • As described in the above link, authorization + PKCE is the best choice flow to replace the use of implicit flows. This flow is now supported in the domino-iam-service.
  • The underlying implementation for the http client in the domino-iam-client has changed. An attempt was made to continue to support options like ca and rejectUnauthorized (example), however all other http options that make their way to the got node module should now use the updated options structure.

OAuth2 Support for Domino Web Applications.

New API added for upsert a document i.e. update a document if exists, else create new document

  • see upsertDocument for Node.js API
  • see upsertDocument for Java API
  • A change to writing duplicate items in @domino/domino-db, requiring all items to be in canonical format. See here for more details.