We have had an early christmas day today - HCL has put some gifts underneath our tree. Gentlemen, start your engines - HCL Domino V12.0.1 is available for download, including a new beta client for a 64-bit windows version. You should give designer in 64-bit a try - you won't go back to the old one.

In parallel, two important changes made it necessary to also create an update for the HCL AppDevPack - first, the new Version 1.0.11 will work with the changes in HCL Domino V12.0.1 - so if you need the PROTON taks to run on Domino V12.0.1, this update is for you.
Additionally, this update fixes the log4j bug in the Java language bindings of the AppDevPack - so for whoever is using the Java language bindings - this update is highly recommended.

Welcome ยท Domino AppDev Pack
<p>Welcome to the Domino AppDev Pack.</p>

As usual, both items are/or should be available (shortly) on Flexnet for download.

Merry Christmas !