It only took 12 Iterations for the Groupware Dinosaur to finally receive some love from its owner and to get an integrated backup solution for Databases and Templates. While some ask "why so late ?", I am grateful for HCLs decision to tackle some long lasting drawbacks of the platform with V12.

Not only does Domino now come with backup/restore capabilities but also with a new and state-of-the-art way to handle TLS Certificates including an integration with Let's Encrypt. A special thanks goes out to Thomas Hampel who personally has put a lot of passion into making this happen.

Also, with V12, Two-Factor-Authentication is finally coming to Domino and even my 2nd most beloved development method in Domino - XPages - is seeing some love by receiving Bootstrap 4 support.

There's a ton of more features in the client and the server but one things stands out for me  - HCL Nomad Web. With this Web Assembly based Notes Client Version, we can run Notes Applications in the browser without a plugin or an installed Notes Client. Using the SafeLink proxy, this feature even works with V9, V10 and V11 Servers. So far, the features only allow for traditional Notes Applications to be run but for a lot of customers who never went down a modernization path for their apps, this has the potential to make their lives a lot easier.

Offically, HCL Notes / Domino V12 and HCL Sametime V11.6 launch on June 7th. HCL has set up a launch event and in case you haven't had the opportunity to register - go and do it now !

See you there ;-)