So this is truly a game changer - now easier than ever - your HCL Notes Client in the browser. HCL Nomad Web has been around for a while now but setup has always been a bit cumbersome so many people shied away from it. Now, with Version 1.0.5, things have changed dramatically and HCL Core Dev did a great job with this release.

It came out this afternoon and me being a total novice in setting up Nomad Web was able to deploy and run it on a test environment within 5 Minutes! Yeah, you got that right - five minutes. And within these five minutes was reading the setup documentation and desperately dabbeling in my file system for the latest SSL Certificate from LetsEncrypt for my local machine.

Now, I have a full Notes Client including offline capabilities and replication in the browser. To deploy in production will be some more effort (NGINX Reverse proxy, etc.) but it's REALLY SIMPLE! Well done, HCL !

This version is available for Servers starting with version 12.0.1 FP1 and higher for Linux and Windows.

To make it work, you need a browser-trusted SSL Certificate on your Domino Server - I used CertMgr to configure it. What is also a pre-requisite is the use of the ID-Vault to manage your ID-Files.

If you want to test on your own, go ahead and ask your HCL representative or partner to bring you into the Domino Early Access program. Or give us a shout - we are happy to help ;-).