New icons, new features, better performance - the news on the lastest Beta Code drop from HCL about Notes and Domino 12 sound really promising. There are a couple of great new features that will be surfacing in this beta:

  • Notes Client
  • New improved Workspace
  • Choose a different “From” address when composing an email
  • Cascaded installation for languages
  • New Logos for Notes / Admin / Designer / Server
  • Domino
  • Silent/1 click Domino Install – using JSON configuration file and script - Added in Beta 2 - create/update databases and documents
  • Native Support for Let’s Encrypt
  • Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) for 2FA
  • Domino Designer
  • Responsive Application on different devices
  • Bootstrap 4 support for XPages
  • Additional View List Styling *

Here are some Screenshots of the new features and graphics:

The new Logos:

The new Notes Splash Screen:

The new Workspace:

New feature: select Sender Address:

My friends from C3UG will do a short video on this beta program soon.

So long,