It is a true honour to me that Richard Moy and his team selected the two sessions I proposed to Collabsphere to become part of the conference schedule. I also feel very honored to say that I will do joint sessions with two great other HCL Ambassadors and Community Members - Graham Acres and Colin Breckles, our core team of the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group (C3UG).

What are the topics we will be talking about ?

With Graham, I will be doing a session called:
"The League of Extraordinary Development ? HCL Domino AppDev State of the Union 2021" - this session will give you a cross-the-board overview about development methods, variants, tools and languages in the Domino world. We will try to give you an overview about their lifecycle, use cases and complexity to let you know, which toolset is ideal for which use case you might see.

With Colin, I will do a a bit more hands-on session, called "KEEP your APIs coming - a whirlwind tour through a REACT based SPA using the new HCL Domino REST APIs".
In this session we will build a multi-tier application using the brand-new HCL Domino REST APIs to give you an architectural overview, some ideas on use cases and an end-to-end application to discuss the results.

Please check out the complete agenda and the website of Collabsphere
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