HCL Domino AppDevPack 1.0.8 is available for Download !

April 02, 2021 0 Comments
Once again, HCL delivers on its quarterly cadence with the HCL Domino AppDevPack. This release brings an overhaul of the OAUTH2 server (IAM) and new features regarding Domino and OAUTH Authentication! We will take a look at the new features on our video series by C3UG shortly.

AppDevPack Roundtable coming up

March 26, 2021 0 Comments
What a great start into the easter time with high hopes that HCL has some easter presents for us - I'm looking forward to the C3UG AppDevPack Roundtable next week.

Successfull Workshop about the HCL Domino AppDevPack

March 04, 2021 0 Comments
Yesterday, I did a workshop about the HCL AppDevPack and development using Node.js on a sample Notes Application creating a REST-API. We discussed topics like MVC, the prototype pattern in JavaScript plus the nitty gritty on domino-db.

How to get personalized access to Domino using proton/domino-db

February 22, 2021 0 Comments
What are we looking at today ? Well, in the past months I had to deal with personalized access to HCL Domino Data through the AppDevPack. This means, our code will have to do CRUD Operations based on a Domino User and her effective ACL settings in the respective Applications.

A quick one - doc.PostedDate in Java Agent...

February 11, 2021 0 Comments
One of my customers built an agent that sends out automated e-mails in Domino by Java via a technical users mail file. Yesterday, they came to me asking why all of the emails they are sending out are going to the Drafts Folder in the respective Mail file.
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