I will be speaking at DACHNUG in June

So after Engage, there's DACHNUG coming up in June. SIT is a Sponsor of the event, you can visit our booth as well ! Also, I will speak about Single Sign On with Keycloak and Domino as a universal identity endpoint for all things http access as well as Notes Client access.

Even more GANTT and XPages

This is the third article about Frappe Gantt in XPages and in this article we will add some more logic to the data feedback to Domino as well as adding a series of buttons to switch between views of the gantt chart.

More GANTT in XPages ...

This is the 2nd part of my series of articles around Gantt Charts in XPages. Today, we want to write changes back to Domino, so if we move Blocks around, we want to send these changes back to Domino.