Sometimes I think that we are living in strange times. Not only from a pandemic point of view, but also in IT. The more companies I meet the more I see monopolistic solutions getting more and more adoption in the marketplace. Especially MS365 seems like a big honey trap for a lot of customers to me - start with E-Mail and Office, use Teams and then more and more Systems management components to ease your life as an IT organization. Nicely done by Microsoft but what are the dangers for an organization ?

To me, Microsoft is dragging institutions into a web of offerings and solutions that, when you adopt them in the way MS tries to force you to, you have no way out anymore. When your Apps are in MS365, your PCs are managed there, your phones, your data, your processes, everything - your freedom of choice is gone. And let's make things clear - you do exactly the same as your competitor - same tools, same features, same cloud.

And the staircase wit added to this - MS365 telemetry tells you how much time your employees spend in MS solutions and how you can "engage" with them to use it even more. Well, you have to pay for this data that you produce of course again.

What's the alternative ? Well, we have been looking around for some time now and I think we found something with a comparable feature rich environment that can be run in the cloud or on premise in an open environment - Univention and the Univention Corporate Server. We came across Univention some months ago, tested their software and are currently in the process to migrate some of our SMB customers (the largest is about 2500 Users) from MS365 to Univention Corporate Server. Did I mention that we are happy to be a Univention Partner ? No ? Well, now I did.

So if you are interested in not doing the ordinary, want to make a difference in your IT department and use it as a source of creativity and a differenciator to your competitors - come check out Univention at and our HCL Portfolio.

There's a better world out there. Wake up. Repeat after me - monopolies are bad for consumers and companies.